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New Content

February 1, 2015

I’ve spent a lot of time this evening really updating this site, generating a lot more content. It’s not complete yet, there’s still a decent bit of content to generate for individual pages, but things are really a lot further along than they were. The pages I’m most excited about are the new home page, and the healing philosophy page. The healing philosophy page, in particular, is something I’m excited about, as I really had to work to clarify what it was I wanted to say about my healing philosophy. Being a student, obviously I still have a great deal to learn about how I will implement these ideas into my practice, and how my practice will, in turn, inform my ideas as I’ve written them here. But accepting that the ideas as I’ve presented them are subject to change, I’m still very excited about them, along with the rest of the new content and ideas expressed here.

Pretty soon I’ll even be able to hand out business cards, because I won’t be embarrassed by how sparse the site is!

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