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Gainesville Holistic Healthcare

July 20, 2018

Sometimes the tone for a bit of news or an update is better somewhat impersonal, giving information more objectively. But this isn’t one of those times. It would be difficult to write this as Deep Root Medicine, and not as Pete, when the content is personal, involving a transition, particularly one that I am this excited about!

Gainesville Holistic Health

Gainesville Holistic Healthcare, run by Traci Pettigrew, is a very well-established clinic here in town, one that I have deep respect for, in terms of vision, ethics, and practice of the medicine. They have offered me a position, and because it is an incredibly good fit, and I am joyfully accepting their offer.

Deep Root Medicine, as both a practice and business, has been building at healthy and steady pace, and I am incredibly grateful for the many people who have worked with me, who continue to work with me, both patients and friends alike. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished, and where the practice is going. But in conversation with Traci, I’ve realized that there is a capacity to grow further that is really only possible by sharing space and opportunities with other folks simultaneously. Traci is well known in the community as an outstanding acupuncturist and all-around practitioner, and I believe I have skills that will bring a different but complementary perspective to the clinic. Caitlyn Vinci is an excellent massage therapist, skilled in both traditional and Thai massage. Chelsie Orlofske is a nutritionist who has a perspective on diet and nutrition that I sincerely agree with. Bethany Bates is an incredibly talented practice manager, also handling marketing, design, and many other aspects of the business with a careful and insightful eye. This combination simply leads to opportunities that aren’t possible on my own right now.

Gainesville Holistic Healthcare has a practice of the medicine and a vision for the future that I am deeply excited to get on board with. Ultimately, it makes more sense to build together than separately.

So, what does this mean, practically speaking? I will still be working in my current office until Friday, August 3rd. I will start seeing patients full time at the GHH clinic starting on August 6th. For my existing patients, service and appointments should be uninterrupted, continuing on as before, except you will just drive to a clinic about a mile away. Location and address information is here.

The burning question: will my rates go up? Rates will for the most part stay the same for existing patients, and we will talk personally about the move at your next appointment, if you have any questions at all. But if you would like information before then, please contact me! You can text or call, or as always, send me an email!

This is a move that I am profoundly excited for, in terms of the possibilities, and the opportunity for growing a shared practice. As patients, clients, friends, and supporters, I welcome you to be a part of this transition with me. I believe that as you have a chance to experience the new space with me, you will find yourself excited to be a part of it as well!


  1. Rev. Dr. Jim Taylor 5 years Reply

    Congratulations on this new and exciting next step. Blessings. Dad

    • jcoletaylor 5 years Reply

      Thanks Dad! I’m really excited, will call y’all soon and talk about it more!

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