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Gainesville, FL’s Traditional Medicine Specialists

Traditional Medicine

What is Traditional Medicine?

At Deep Root, we practice what’s known as “traditional medicine” here in Gainesville, FL. Traditional medicine refers to the cumulative knowledge, skills, and practices gathered by numerous cultures over thousands of years that are used for both physical and mental health care. Also called “alternative” medicine, traditional medicine encompasses many different systems from across the globe, including ayurvedic medicine, ethnomedicine, and traditional Chinese medicine.


Our Traditional Medicine Treatments in Gainesville, FL

Our traditional medicine treatments consist of both physical therapeutic techniques, such as acupuncture and massage, along with the prescription of herbal medicines. These healing therapies have been practiced around the world for centuries, and their effectiveness at treating both acute and chronic illness remains a vital complement and counterpoint to modern biomedical treatments.

At Gainesville’s Deep Root Medicine, we use the pulse diagnosis system that was recorded, developed, and popularized by Dr. Leon Hammer and taught at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine. Additionally, we also incorporate other diagnostic modalities like inspecting the tongue and ear, as well as the palpation of acupuncture channels and the abdomen. These diagnostic techniques are coupled with thorough intake procedures centered around listening to your views  about your own health.


A Personal Space for Healing

We believe that a substantial component of the healing process comes from the knowledge that you have been given a space to talk about what concerns you have for your health — be it physical, mental, or emotional — and knowing that you have been heard and taken seriously. To this end, our philosophy of medicine holds that your own insight and intuition play a critical role in your healthcare.

While our diagnostic technique has a guiding structure, with particular questions and follow-up points of clarification guided by the practitioner, it is your own understanding and experience of your health that come to the forefront during our intake interviews. This allows you — in some cases for the very first time — to frame and contextualize your health and health goals, both for yourself and for your practitioner in partnership.


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