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About Deep Root Medicine

Photo of Pete TaylorMy name is Pete Taylor, and Deep Root Medicine acupuncture clinic is the fulfillment of a long-time dream of mine. I’ve been passionate about traditional medicine, martial arts, and meditative disciplines for most of my life. I began living in Gainesville, FL in 2000, working as a web and application developer, as well as a small business owner and consultant. In 2012, I earned a Masters of Arts from the Latin American Studies program at the University of Florida focusing on indigenous ritual and medicine in Peru and Ecuador. During my studies and personal experiences with the people and cultures of the Amazon, I was inspired to move beyond a strictly academic focus and pursue a career where I could work to heal people on a daily basis using traditional medicine.

Having spent years reading about Chinese medical theories and martial arts, I was thrilled to learn I could study traditional medicine right here in Gainesville at the esteemed Dragon Rises College. In 2016, I earned my Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the college, completing what truly was a decade-long dream of working professionally in a healing tradition. I am also a Zen practitioner with the Dancing Crane sangha, and I train in Chen-style Tai Chi at the Whirling Tiger Kung Fu studio. 

Deep Root Medicine specializes in providing Gainesville residents with mental and physical healthcare using acupuncture, massage therapy, and herbal medicine. These healing therapies have been practiced around the world for centuries, and numerous clinical studies have shown their efficacy at treating a variety of illnesses in complement with — or as an alternative to — modern biomedical treatments.