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Acupuncture, Massage, & Herbal Medicine in Gainesville, FL

Deep Root Medicine provides an array of holistic therapies based in traditional medicine to help you maintain optimal health and wellness. Our primary modalities include acupuncture treatment, massage therapy, and herbal medicine in Gainesville, FL. While each of these treatments can be applied as a stand-alone service, we frequently combine them to achieve maximum health benefits for our patients. For a comprehensive assessment of how these services can help you, contact us to set up a diagnostic appointment.


Acupuncture Treatmentacupuncture in Gainesville, FL

Acupuncture is our most popular therapy, and it offers a wide variety of benefits for optimizing both physical and mental health. Acupuncture treatment enhances the flow of one’s life energy, known as Qi, by inserting very thin needles in specific points in the body, which unblocks and re-establishes the body’s natural energy flow. This process stimulates the movement of Qi and blood throughout the body, leading to increased circulation, decreased inflammation, and a significant reduction in both pain and stress.

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Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Massage therapy and other forms of bodywork are an incredibly effective treatment option for improving one’s Massage Therapy in Gainesville, FLoverall health and wellness. While massage is well known to work wonders for relieving chronic pain and healing physical injuries, it also provides a wide range of mental health benefits and is a highly effective preventative therapy for maintaining optimal wellness. Whether you’re looking to manage pain, rehabilitate an injury, or simply relax and reduce stress, Deep Root Medicine’s massage and bodywork treatments are an ideal option.

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Herbal Medicine

Whether implemented as a stand-alone therapy or as a complement to acupuncture, herbal medicine is a powerful herbal medicine in Gainesville, FLmethod for treating pain, illness, and promoting excellent health. We can create customized herbal formulas to treat every condition for which pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed. Best of all, these natural remedies don’t come with any harmful or annoying side effects and carry zero risk for abuse and addiction. If you’re not getting the desired relief and benefits from pharmaceuticals — or if you’re simply looking for a safer and less expensive alternative — speak with our herbal-medicine specialists to develop a custom formula for healing your body and mind.  

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