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Gainesville, FL Acupuncture Treatmentacupuncture in Gainesville, FL

One of the principal services offered at Deep Root Medicine in Gainesville, FL is acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture has been practiced in China for more than 2500 years; however, China is not the only place where acupuncture was used in the past — evidence of its use for treating illness going back thousands of years has been found in unexpectedly far-ranging locations around the globe.

While acupuncture is just one of many holistic therapies and services available to a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, it is one of the most powerful. By inserting very thin, filiform needles into particular points on the body, a striking variety of beneficial effects can be achieved. Deep Root Medicine specializes in acupuncture treatment Gainesville, FL residents can trust to heal a wide array of physical and mental ailments, including chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and many others.


The Power of Qi: The Healing Force Behind Acupuncture Treatment

There are six standard “channels” found on the arms and legs: taiyin, yangming, shaoyin, taiyang, jueyin, and shaoyin. These are often further broken down into the specific arm and leg branches of the channels to produce what’s commonly known as the “12 acupuncture channels.” These channels, along with the Conception, Governing, and the other “extraordinary” channels, make up the pathways along which “Qi,” or our life energy, flows through the human body.

From metabolic processes and cell respiration to the coordination of muscle movements and the dilation of the pupil, the movement of Qi throughout the body is a way to describe the “functional” aspects of our physiology. Indeed, the motive force and capacity for action of all our physiological processes and actions — both voluntary and involuntary — are due to the flow of Qi. The key to acupuncture treatment is the manipulation of Qi’s flow through the body.


How Acupuncture Heals

Gainesville acupuncture therapy aims to influence, enhance, harmonize, redirect, or otherwise manipulate the Qi that flows through these channels. Doing this enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, or to overcome places in the body where Qi — and therefore physiological activity — has begun to stagnate. Through acupuncture, Qi is tonified, harmonized, or redirected in the body by inserting and manipulating needles at certain points along these channels.

If the channels are like rivers, then these points are like whirlpools, where the energy gets stuck. Based on thousands of years of empirical research, the application of acupuncture needles to these points has been proven to produce numerous beneficial effects on the body by creating a unified “message” for the body to respond to.


Deep Root Medicine: Gainesville, FL Acupuncture Specialists

Deep Root Medicine’s experienced practitioners offer acupuncture therapy to heal a variety of health issues. Contact us today for the most reliable acupuncture treatment in Gainesville, FL.